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4 Amazing Tips On Getting Married In Kauai (Number 2 Is Our Favourite)

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Priyanka Sharma

22 Jan, 2022


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From Jurassic waterfalls to albizia trees canopy, from incredible views of taro fields to spectacular sunset on Napali coast, getting married or eloping on Kauai can give you one heck of an experience. Whatever unique elements you choose to celebrate your wedding day with, I am thrilled to share key information that will lay the foundation of your intimate wedding planning in an unforgettable setting of the garden island - Kauai.

Kauai Wedding Photography at Waiʻoli Huiʻia Church in Hanalei

1. Legalities

  • Obtaining a marriage license

If you plan to get legally married in Hawaii, you must apply for a marriage license from the local county office you are planning to get married in. Prior to completing the application, you must review the prerequisites for obtaining a license.

Marriage license application form

Marriage Application Fee $65.
Once you have applied for a marriage license, you have to pick up the paperwork within 30 days of your ceremony date from the county office. Call ahead Kauai: (808) 241-3498 to schedule a pick up date but due to pandemic, access may be restricted.Hire a licensed marriage performer ( wedding officiant or solemnizer) who will file the paperwork so ensure your details are correct as that will stay on it forever. An official marriage certificate will be mailed over to by your officiant within a few days of your ceremony date.

  • Obtaining a permit

All public locations require a permit to perform a vow renewal or a ceremony by the state of Hawaii. The permit is usually applied by your wedding planner, photographer or an officiant. It’s that easy!

2. Location, Location, Location

Public beaches vs Resorts? Botanical Garden vs Waterfall Forests? Sunset vs Sunrise? Adventure vs Elegance?

  • Why get married at a public beach?

All the public beaches in Hawaii are accessible and open to the public. We just need to acquire the right permit from DLNR which is usually organized by your officiant, wedding planner or the wedding photographer. It's certainly less expensive but privacy and seclusion can't be guaranteed. There are ways around having a private moment for your nuptials like planning it on a weekday or soon after sunrise but beach wedding has its limitations on the number of people who can attend the ceremony and “ Leave no trace rule” strictly applies.

  • Why a resort or a private ranch may be a better option?

You’re all dressed up and set to say the vows that were written & rehearsed a 100 times but there are passersby on the beach disrupting the ceremony. It’s impossible to guarantee crowd control in public spots unless you plan on getting married at either less busy time or on a private property. Here are some public and resort suggestions that are my personal favorites.

North Shore

Tunnels Beach, Kauai Wedding Photography
Couples Portraits Hanalei Bay

• Hanalei Bay

• Na Aina Kauai Botanical Gardens

• Church of Waioli Hui’ia in Hanalei

• Princeville Ranch

• Tunnels Beach

Hanalei Bay Resort

East Shore

South Shore

Kauai Elopement Photography - South Shore

View top trending wedding locations in Kauai in 2022.

Elopement Photography in Poipu, Kauai

3. Season

The most important question we get asked is the time of the year to plan your beach wedding in Kauai?

The short answer is year around. The lush green isle receives rain throughout the year and cool trade winds keep the weather pleasant. But you must know every season brings something that can only add unique elements to your adventure wedding planning.

Sunrise near Poipu Cliffs | Solo Portrait by A Few Good Clicks
  • Spring: One of my favorite things about spring in Kauai is the tropical flower blossoms, waterfalls flowing at their best and it’s the beginning of something new just like your voyage. There will be plenty of choices for your Haku lei, plumeria flowers, traditional ti leaf lei in the haku style. Your lei maker will be able to offer a lot more than simple purple orchid leis.
  • Summer: Undoubtedly summer is one of the most busy times due to school holidays but it is perfect for adventure seeking newly weds. Less rain makes the hiking couples choose an off the beaten path and get away from the conventional tourist spots.Albeit be prepared for shoes and your outfit turning red from oxidized volcanic red soil. Indulge in adventure sport activities like kayaking the napali coast ( 17 mile in the pacific) or the wailua river, snorkeling, scuba diving, hiring private fishing charters to name a few. Again many heritage sites are off limits for wedding ceremonies so do check the permit and local laws.
  • Autumn: Perfect for rainbow catchers during an early morning or late afternoon ceremony. If you are after epic wedding photos, then you know a little mist, clouds and rainbows are all the right ingredients to create magic.
  • Winter: November - March is when it is likely to rain for a longer period of time, ocean swells, undulating rogue waves etc. Picking the right location and time becomes crucial in winters. But if you want to see the annual whale migration, Jan - feb is the time to be getting married in Kauai. Can you imagine getting your first kiss captured with whale breaching in the background? I dream of this picture everyday so let’s make it happen with A Few Good Clicks.

4. Dream Team

I strongly believe no one vendor can make it all happen all alone so you need the trusted vendors that share the same style & vibe as you.

Here are my personal handpicked vendors who are equally excited to be part of your big day and will make your wedding day as seamless as possible.

”Teamwork makes the dreamwork but a vision becomes a nightmare when the leader has a big dream and a bad team”. John Maxwell.

Hair crowns for wedding photography by Isle Flowers


  • Kekai's Kreation  offers an array of wedding day florals starting at
    $5 for rosettes
    $15-$20 for leis
    $30-$45 hakulei heipo'o
    Loose blooms and foliage are also available. Do accept last minute requests subject to availability but spring time is the best time to get more choices.Located in Anahola, Kauai.
  • Isle Flowers offers heartfelt, creative, and sustainable island-grown tropical flower arrangements and bouquets. Located in Kilauea, north shore of Kauai.

Vacation rentals

Wedding Jewelry

  • Kauai handmade offers one of a kind jewelry so no two pieces are the same. The jewelry is made of high quality Tahitian Pearls, South Sea Pearls, Freshwater Pearls, Kahelelani Shells, Momi Shells, and Sunrise Shells.

Live music

  • David Parsons III is a singer-songwriter, author, and motivational speaker. Playing original music alongside popular cover songs with a tropical indie vibe, David is a natural fit for an island wedding.

Kauai Wedding Photographer

How can I help with your Wedding Photography in Kauai?

I am a professional Wedding Photographer at A Few Good Clicks specializing in weddings & portraits. When I am traveling to a destination local or International, I am always searching for the perfect angle that offers an amazing backdrop for the couples to say “I do”. I take local laws very seriously, respect Hawaiian culture and 100% committed to making your day a truly special one. I want you to leave Kauai with beautiful wedding photos from your big day that speaks for itself. Much more than you have been dreaming of. When you hire me at A Few Good Clicks as your wedding photographer, I will not only create cinematic photos that are print-worthy but also assist in making awesome recommendations on wedding vendors, offer expertise on crafting a wedding day timeline, on how to get the most from your destination wedding in Hawaii and everything in between.
Let’s capture some memories together so connect with me here.