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Do You Want To Go To Taj Mahal? See These Images First

Incredible India

Priyanka Sharma

10 Apr, 2016


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16 black & white pictures of Taj Mahal will make you want to travel to Agra again

The symbol of love is perhaps among the most photographed majestic monuments in the world. The zoomed in pictures of its adjoining monuments, the verandahs, the people are just how important as shooting Taj Mahal.

The framing, perspective and lighting are key elements to a picture and I have made an attempt to do the justice to the world famous landmark.


All the pictures are captured in and around Taj Mahal but the changes in perspective can make them seem more or less impressive.

Leading Lines of the Verandah located on the right of main entrance gate. Perfect backdrop if you are looking to do a couples pre or post wedding shoot in Agra.

My vision was to capture video footage for a film I have been working on while I visit the mausoleum but it’s perhaps easier to climb Mount Everest than getting a permission to carry a tripod inside the Taj forget carrying a drone. This is when I openly envy Duchess Kate Middleton & Prince William for getting the picture perfect backdrop without the crowds.

The first glimpse of Taj through the grand entrance would make you utter, "Wah Taj Wah".
Windows of Taj Mahal | What a vision the architects had at the time. Who needs curtains when you have such intricate cuts in the marble.

Although my tiny mirror less Sony a7ii with 35mm worked its magic and I could take 4k videos and long exposure pictures hand held. Subscribe to this blog page for the follow on series of India travel #Ilovesony #IloveIndia

This is how Taj Mahal looks when cleaning and polishing work is in progress | Picture shot on February 15, 2016
Floral "Parchin kari" work incorporating reflective precious and semi precious stones.
Tourist wearing shoe cover to walk about in the Taj premises. My only apprehension how often they clean those covers?

To make matters worse, I chose the epic day of Valentine’s Day to visit and as expected there was literally no space to even step inside. Things you can learn from my mistake is don’t go on a Sunday and if it’s February 14th by happenstance, just turn back NOW.

Exteriors of Taj Mahal in Monochrome | Travel Photographs by A Few Good Clicks

Since I was on a tight schedule with a wedding party to attend to, I aimed to get there early morning just before the crowds hit the ground, and it worked. When they say, early mornings and late evenings are best time to photograph monuments like Taj Mahal, they surely mean it.

The outlying building surrounding Taj Mahal boasts red sandstone tomb.

Pictures are the results of your vision of looking at things and it’s always fun to break the rules of composition in photography. Yes, I love the usual angle, the way Taj is photographed surrounded by pristine gardens but I wanted to see it from above which I had no success in. However looking things from below was easy.

In this image, I am standing right in front of Taj facing the main entrance and fountains

On zooming in, I discovered many interesting details like flying parrots at the entrance (darwaza) of Taj Mahal and fascinating black hooks on the dome of Taj. You have to really look hard in this image…Can you see it?

Tourist taking my photo and I took his photo.. I am optimistic that I will find this chap one day so that I can thank him for adding character to image and of course offer this momentous photograph shot in front of Taj Mahal.
Parrots fluttering right at the top, Click on this image to count how many?

If you have had an opportunity to photograph Taj Mahal, I would love to see your image so tweet to me on @afewgoodclicks or connect on Facebook.

View of south side entrance of Taj Mahal by Travel Photographer at A Few Good Clicks