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Top questions you must ask your wedding photographer at A Few Good Clicks

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Priyanka Sharma

30 Dec, 2021


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1. Do you have photos of weddings you have shot in the past?

I believe in being transparent with my portfolio and I’d be delighted to share photos of weddings I have shot in the past. These will be sent to you via online galleries. Some are even featured on blogs, so do have a read!

2. Do you have insurance?

I do and always carry liability insurance. I also apply for permits as and when required!

3. How do you set up lights in large places?

If it's an intimate hotel banquet room, I set up lighting on my trusty light stand, but understandably with a venue like a San José Tech museum spread over four levels, I have a lighting assistant shadow me to carry the off-camera flash. This ensures consistently high-quality results, whatever the venue.

4. Do you shoot other events on the same day?

No, not usually, as I like to focus on one shoot per day.

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5. Where can we read reviews about A Few Good Clicks?

Independent reviews are available to read on Google alongside the testimonials on this site, so please dig in!

6. Why do I need a second photographer for my 100-people wedding event?

Adding a second photographer is essential in capturing different aspects of such a large event – covering more ground on the day, shooting more people, getting all of those details, and generally acting as a back-up!

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7. What if you are sick on the day of my event?

I highly recommend adding my tried-and-trusted second photographer for a small additional price if it’s not already in your existing package. This means that even if I am sick on the day, you’ll be covered for your event. Failing that, if I’m unable to make it and you don’t have a second photographer, your money will be refunded, or I can arrange to shoot on an alternative day of your choosing.

8. Will you shoot my event, or will you send an associate?

Subject to your event details, it could be my tried-and-trusted associate photographer, but that will be discussed and agreed upon prior to your booking so there are no surprises!

9. Do you have back-up equipment?

I always carry back-up cameras and memory cards, and ensure everything is backed up on the cloud as soon as I return to my studio. All your photographs are kept safe and protected in the cloud for a minimum of six months after your event. If you want your images hosted in the online gallery for a longer duration, that’s also possible, at a small additional price.

10. What if my event lasts longer than expected, will you stay longer? Do you charge extra?

We usually come around 15 minutes prior to the scheduled time of the shoot to ask if you would like additional images taken. You’re given the option to extend the agreed time, subject to availability, and any pre-arranged shoots the following day. To avoid disappointment on the day of the event, I recommend you always book in a little extra time, so you’re not worried about additional hours being charged.

11. How will I receive my images?

High-resolution digital images will be uploaded within 6 - 8 weeks of your event via an easy-to-access and shareable online gallery. From here, you can download high-resolution photos for print and web, and promote your event!

12. Can I order photo albums or thank-you cards?

A one-stop shop for photo albums and thank-you cards is available via the online gallery. Select from premium albums, frames, canvases, thank-you cards, brochures and much more, while design support is available on request.

Sample wedding albums & print option from your online photo gallery

13. What wedding packages do you offer and is it possible to customise them?

Three simple wedding packages are available to select, but I’m always happy to customise all aspects to suit your needs, making every package as unique as your event.

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14. Why are the prices for wedding photography packages different to prices for event packages?

Shooting an event like a birthday or conference is generally relaxed, while wedding photography requires a collaborative approach and an artistic vision to create the most important images of a couple’s life. Up-front planning, one-to-one consultations and day-to-day involvement is key to nailing the brief. You only get married once – so make it count!

15. Do you suggest a wedding day timeline we follow?

Yes absolutely, I have put together a kist of things to factor in while planning your wedding day timeline. ( Template included)