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Google Demo Day Women's Edition 2016 Event Photography


Priyanka Sharma

03 Nov, 2016


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Corporate Event Photography by A Few Good Clicks

Tuesday the, 2nd November 2016 marked the 2nd anniversary of Google Demo Day Women’s Edition held at Google headquarters in Mountain View, California. This amazing platform brought twelve women-led startups from around the world to pitch, connect and explore. I was among the lucky few to be able to meet and photograph one of the most talked about corporate event in the Silicon Valley.

Google Demo Day 2016 | Participating Startup Event Photography

Google for entrepreneurs was presented with the best of entrepreneurial creativity from India, Brazil, Canada, Amsterdam, Kenya, Germany, China, US, Australia and Ireland.

The founders of startups pitched to a panel of investors, VCs, and respected judges at the Google Headquarters. Each pitch lasted for about 5 minutes followed by a Q & A asked by the judges and global audience streaming live. Here are a few good clicks from the #GoogleDemoDay event photography.

CastBox - Meet the winner of Google demo day from China. An audio platform app offering 400K+ podcasts, radio channels, and audiobooks providing localised content across 135 countries.

Founder of Castbox Xiaoyu Wang

Blendoor - A revolutionary step to recruit employees based on merit not colour of your skin. Headed by Stephanie Lampkin, a Stanford graduate with an infectious personality was voted fan's favourite.

Stephani Lampkin presenting Blendoor at Google Demo Day 2016

Beer Or Coffee - An app that I would personally use as a small business owner. The application connects people based on geo-location and interests to meet face to face for a drink, and grow their network. $2.99 for a coffee and connecting with your potential client doesn't hurt at all.

Eric Santos, Roberta Vasconcellos & Perdro Vasconcellos - Team behind Beer or Cofffe, Brazil

Kisura - Your wardrobe is full of clothes and always a struggle what to wear? I am the worse in that regard as despite having so many clothes, I never have anything to wear. Sounds familiar? Check out your new digital shopping assistant, providing personalised and customer centric clothing at Kisura. Although they are based in Berlin, Germany but hopefully they will soon roll out in your country too.

Linh Nguyen founder of Berlin based online shopping assistant - Kisura

Fitternity - Presented by Neha Motwani, CEO of Fitternity who created a fitness platform for Indian market to sustain the fitness regime categorizing into to 3 buckets Sitter, Seeker and Hunter.


Beats Medical - a mobile application empowering people diagnosed with Parkinson's. The app allows people to help improve the mobility, speech and dexterity symptoms by incorporating metronome therapy via auditory cueing.  So if you know anyone who is suffering from daily mobility problems, slow walking or sometimes freezing? This is the personalised treatment application made just in time for your loved ones.


Tinsel - Founder Aniyia Williams & her creative team are transforming tech essential into a fashion accessory. Pretty funky device that you can wear it to match your outfit.

Photograph of Tinsel founder Aniyia Williams at Google Demo Day

Ask PAM - of Montreal, Canada presented a web based CRM for hospitality concierges to improve overall work flow and better communication with the hotel guests.

Everything a concierge needs - Ask Pam

Autheos - are harnessing the power of video - key to smart, speedy product video delivery, straight from brands to e-tailer product pages.

Christina Calje, CEO & Founder of Autheos

Maisha Meds- Photography of another healthcare startup committed to point of sale and inventory management system that enables healthcare professionals to understand the medications being sold and prescribed. Use analytics to assess disease burden as well as information about brand and pricing.

Jessica Vernon from Maisha Meds

ConX - provides a dedicated construction job platform that specifically matches subcontractors to general contractors via clever technology that was developed in-house. Refer a contractor in Australia.

P & P Optica - from Waterloo, Canada uses chemical imaging solutions to ensure the food we eat is safer and produced with higher quality and great efficiency.

Now time to meet our lovely organisers who made sure the event was as seamless as possible.

Attendees by invitation only
Nicholas from the Case foundation photobooth
Chocolate tarts
Yummy cakes at the demo day event organised by Google catering team
Google headquarters on Ellis Street, Mountain View - Believe it or not this place is incorrectly marked on google maps:)

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