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5 different styles for a portrait shoot at Alviso Marina in Bay Area, CA


Priyanka Sharma

24 Aug, 2019


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Every place offers an interesting canvass so you can sketch whatever picture you like. One thing I am proud of as a portrait photographer in Bay Area, is the ability to create versatile imagery. Often, I get asked what's so different about my photography services when compared to other local photographers in Bay Area? The answer is - manipulating light to my advantage. You have to see these images shot at the same location to understand my persportrait photographer in Bay Area,pective, skills and passion.

Sky blue sky just before the sunset at Alviso Marina, CA.

The goal is to offer a variety of pictures incorporating lighting techniques and have fun during a session. During this particular shoot, I wanted to create 4 different colour sky giving a variety of look and feel to the pictures changing settings and lights in camera.


Now whether you are local graduating college, or newly engaged couple on an international adventure, you must consider Alviso Marina as one of the beautiful places to do the photo shoot in Bay Area. You can come here for capturing the sublime sunset or do a portrait photo shoot of people. Not only this location emulates a beach but also has gorgeous rolling hills with train tracks on the other side.


  • Family friendly
  • Less crowded as compared to any beach location
  • Literally no traffic on 237 in late evenings if you are coming from south or east bay.
  • Beach vibe
  • Perfect sunset
  • Bird water's paradise


  • Windy, isn't that expected near Pacific?:)
  • Smells sometimes as the water is stagnant
  • No picnic area
Silhoettes Portraits during the sunset.
Can you spot the circle of fire, feeble but it’s there:)
Purple sky - Yes all done in camera by playing with white balance and using a green gel on my flash camera left.
Twilight sky portraits - One of my favoruite and a go to technique especially during wedding portraits when there is no time to use a variety of gels.
Train passing by in the background at Alviso, California.

So if you want A Few Good Clicks to remember the moment and capture the magic of your milestone, graduation, anniversary or just got engaged, connect with me on [email protected] . Let's have fun and create memories that are far cry from boring.