30+ Sunset inspired engagement photography ideas at San Jose's Country Club, California

A Few Good Clicks of your engagement shoot must reflect who you are as a couple. If you are leaning towards elegance and romance, then you have arrived at the perfect blog post. Three top elements that make this engagement session unique are Sun, Olive trees and the Piano at San Jose's members-only Country Club. If you are planning a sun-kissed soiree for your unique engagement pictures, these images will have you praying for August sun. I know I would.

Silhouettes – “Imagine sky is your officiant, trees are your witness, waltzing is the rhythm” Silhouettes are the perfect symbol of an undying love.

Silhouettes – “Imagine sky is your officiant, trees are your witness, waltzing is the rhythm” Silhouettes are the perfect symbol of an undying love.

But first, let’s talk about the Sun. There is nothing more romantic than California’s sunset. I have been to several destinations around the world chasing light but sunset in Northern California guarantees an awe-inspiring backdrop at least 300 days a year.

bay-area-sunset-engagement-photo-shoot-san-jose-country-club-california 15.jpg

Sunset Kiss – Lingering orange sky, cobalt blue dress and the kiss make this a heart-melting masterpiece.

bay-area-sunset-engagement-photo-shoot-san-jose-country-club-california 37.jpg

A Dip and a Kiss – It’s my favourite sham that I always encourage couples to try.

bay-area-sunset-engagement-photo-shoot-san-jose-country-club-california 42.jpg
bay-area-sunset-engagement-photo-shoot-san-jose-country-club-california 18.jpg
bay-area-sunset-engagement-photo-shoot-san-jose-country-club-california 25.jpg
bay-area-sunset-engagement-photo-shoot-san-jose-country-club-california 49.jpg
bay-area-sunset-engagement-photo-shoot-san-jose-country-club-california 57.jpg

Timing is the key – I love morning hours as much as twilight sessions but sometimes it’s important to know what kind of images you would like? To get the perfect shot, keep up the excitement and then braving the chilly winds will feel like a playing in savannahs on a summer day. The results will be incredible moments we managed to capture during this photo shoot with an amazing couple - Christina & Nick.


Olive Orchards – Who doesn’t like taking a stroll under the jaded leaves of Olive trees? Walking under olive grove made for an unexpected yet beautiful setting. The olive trees of Bay Area totally set the palette of this beautiful sunset inspired engagement photo shoot.

Golf course  – Meticulous lawns of golf course provides a stunning bokeh filled backdrop for all your engagement portraits.


What to wear for an elegant engagement shoot? Since the idea of this particular shoot revolved around elegance, our couple Christina & Nick chose to wear a smart casual outfit. Christina slipped into a flowy net dress embellished with sequins and glitters and Nick wore a simple grey suit but no tie.

Piano -  A grand piano in the country club foyer made the pictures frame-worthy.

elegant-engagement-photo-shoot-with-piano-in-san-jose-ca 27.jpg
elegant-engagement-photo-shoot-with-piano-in-san-jose-ca 26.jpg

Location - Last but one of the most important factors behind a successful portrait shoot is the location. There are many public places in and around the San Francisco Bay Area that offers iconic backdrops but has its disadvantages. You either need to apply for a photography permit, huddle through the touristic spots or be on your toes for thugs ( Yes watch out for them!). So how do you find a spectacular location for an engagement shoot without the fumbling through large crowds, a place that is safe and pristine? If this San Jose location tickles your fancy, we may be able to get you access on certain days of the year. Just reach out to us on [email protected]