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Beautiful Food Photography Of Handmade Treats That You Can’t Eat


Priyanka Sharma

12 Feb, 2017


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A Few Good Clicks of Nectar USA treats by Sf based food & lifestyle photographer

Just past week, I happened to attend one of the most talked about photography conference in Las Vegas. While all my photographer friends were busy shooting models, I stumbled upon the most striking and irresistible subject – food. It is because of my love for visually good food, I diverted my attention to food & lifestyle photography as a career.  Beautiful cupcakes, popsicles, pie slices, fruit tarts, sprinkled doughnuts on display in a brightly lit store…What more could I have asked for?


Vanilla Birthday Cupcake at Nectar USA

Let me begin with their hot selling cakes. Red Velvet Cupcake, Strawberry Basil & Vanilla Birthday Cupcake. Pin the photo of my favourite Vanilla Birthday Cupcake if you have a birthday coming up soon.


Variety of Cupcakes - Strawberry & Basil, Orange, Red Velvet & Vanilla


So good that you feel like eating straight off the shelf...

Having photographed many restaurants, chef's and their artistic food, I was jumping with joy like Charlie in the chocolate factory.


Doughnut Treats by Nectar USA | Photo by A Few Good Clicks

Looking at those sweet puffs sprinkled with frosting, I was amazed by how the store owners have painstakingly handcrafted each little treat.  If you don’t know what Nectar USA treats are, stay with me. Don’t let curiosity kill the cat by jumping to the bottom of food photos and I can assure, you will be pleasantly surprised :-).


Valentine's special doughnut treats

Feel like having a scoop of lychee hibiscus triple bubble Scoop Sundae?


Or you could stimulate your passion for food photography by relishing  “Calm your Spirit bombs”.


Give a gift wrap to someone who really cares about pure and ethical treats.


Pie Slices presented by beatuful Kayla - specialist at Nectar USA in Vegas.


Heart on your pie slices | Valentine's special treats.


Popsicle treats anyone?


Confused on what to get and what to leave? Try their all in one gift box containing Vanilla cupcake, essence, citrus detox, pie slice and a scoop of your favourite bath treat. By now my smart readers would have guessed it that I am talking about food looking bath treats by Nectar USA.


Bath scrub in cupcake wrap...I love it!!


Nectar USA Store Front situated at Westgate Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas

If you have liked photos of these irresistible bath treats, share it with other food photography enthusiasts. #afewgoodclicks #nectarusa #foodphotographer #bayarea