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Photographer's Take On Chantal Guillon - Best Macarons In San Francisco & Palo Alto


Priyanka Sharma

06 Mar, 2017


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Macaron Food Photography & Review by A Few Good Clicks

Pineapple with Cherry blossom Macaron flavour | Photography by A Few Good Clicks

Cherry blossom macaron with Chantal Guillon bag picture.

We've all got our favourite local macaron store, whether it’s in San Francisco or south bay. But when it comes to handcrafted classic Parisian style macarons, we must agree on Chantal Guillon. Housed in cosy cool white space, you can indulge in these macarons albeit with a modern twist alongside some classic versions that are eternal. Being a dessert food photographer in Palo Alto, I would describe it as Love at first sight or a photographer’s delight. How can you not love these picture-perfect tea time dessert cookies? They are so gorgeous that I might land up framing them. With this food photography post, my intentions are to introduce you to my new collection of macaron dessert pictures captured during a 2-hour photography session at one of the best macaron stores in Palo Alto, California.

So what really ticked the boxes, you'd ask?

1)    Hype or not? – Doubt it that it’s all the flimflam for over 4 and a half years since the store opened. It dies soon if it is all just about pretty photographs and no savor.


Image of Spring specials macarons.

2)    Reviews – People are buzzing about this place for months now especially on yelp and I hope my honest review has just kicked up a notch.


Pineapple, coffee and lavender macaron.

3)    Over 100 handmade original flavours baked daily in Chantal’s kitchen in San Francisco,


Pick one of your favourites or try them all | Macaron Photography on blue backdrop by A Few Good Clicks in Palo Alto

4)    Urban-Modern to go pastry.


Perfect cookie to go with your choice of herbal tea.

5)    Beautiful gift favour box – perfect for any occasion. Did I hear a corporate event, weddings or just another excuse to enjoy the Parisian lifestyle here in Bay Area?


Gift favour Box 


Pistachio macaron photography at Chantal Guillon Palo Alto store.

6)    Tea to complement your macaron – An array of herbal teas on display can also be savored along with your choice of little petit fours.


Coup de soleil teas at Chantal Guillon Palo Alto store.

7)    Perfect afternoon tea place that never compromises on quality & savoir-faire.


The cool white space decor at Palo Alto store

8)    “Wonderful company to work with” says,  General Manager Guillame who has been with Chantal Guillon since it opened in 2008. Takes pride in what he does and simply excited to be part of their future expansion.


General Manager Guillame at Chantal's Palo Alto store.


Petit fours from Chantal Guillon

This pretty store is all about evolving and thinking out of the box?  Hint: Look closely at their logo with Chantal’s name being outside the frame. Certainly cool & quirky for San Francisco’s foodie audience. And because you trust me as a still life dessert photographer & a foodie, it’s sure going to be a sweet ride.

Being a passionate photographer & online marketer, I have helped small businesses grow their online presence via photography and online marketing. So if you or an entrepreneur friend looking for commercial food photographer combined with social media marketing, leave a comment below or write to me on priyanka (@) afewgoodclicks dot net.