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San Francisco Food Photographer Captures Restaurant's World Cuisine Menu


Priyanka Sharma

05 Oct, 2016


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San Francisco's boutique restaurant food photography by A Few Good Clicks.


Salad Food Photography | Moody and Speakeasy Style. After all this scrumptious salad will be served during dinner menu.

It’s because of my love for food I got into photography. Having worked with some of the top food photographers around the world, I always wanted to be on the other side of the table. I have been taking and creating food pictures from past 4 years working alongside artists labelled as Executive Chef’s in some elite restaurants. For me, they are the heart and soul behind creating something so beautiful that can get your tummy rumbling instantly. “Eat with your eyes” is the rule that applies for both the chef and photographer here.


Breakfast Waffles at San Francisco's Hotel Fusion

Just a couple of weeks ago, I got hired by one the most elite hotel brand getting a stylish makeover for the vibrant city of San Francisco. So you can imagine the excitement as food photography is undoubtedly is my first love.

Photograph of Grilled Octopus for Dinner | Restaurant Menu Photography
Baked Croissant for Breakfast | Photography by SF Food Photographer

The brief was pretty straightforward and simple. Their expectations revolved around getting clean, crisp and clear photography of food including the mains for dinner and some breakfast dishes.

The newly refurbished restaurant will be serving world cuisine offering a gourmet experience for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Chef Peter was well prepared and equally excited as I was.


Eggs, Bacon, Avocado on Toast for Breakfast 

While the restaurant and hotel gets ready for its soft opening, I hereby present a sneak peak of some of their signature dishes soon to appear on the menu.

Kailua Pork Sopes | Dinner Menu Photography

Still images of breakfast table set up at a boutique hotel in San Francisco

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